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Year 2 pirate day

March 27, 2014 by · No Comments · year2S

After focusing on pirates in Literature in the classroom, we had a pirate dress up day today.  We wrote pirate descriptions about our pirate characters, concentrating on paragraphing our ideas. We used QR reader on our Ipads to follow clues for a treasure hunt.  We discussed many things about pirates.


Do you know why there were originally lots of pirates in the Caribbean Sea?  Have you ever wondered why some people became pirates?

Year 2 pirate day


Inquiry in 2S

March 11, 2014 by · No Comments · year2S

2014 has been a busy and exciting time for 2S so far. As a stimulus for our inquiry unit, we visited Long Reef for an excursion to explore the natural and built features of the area. The highlight of the day was investigating the rock pools with our AUSECO guides where we found many different creatures we would never have known were there. We learnt a lot about how and why we should care for rock pools.

We wondered many things about rock pools on our return:

Do sea slugs ever run out of slime?
Where do rock pool creatures go when the tide comes in?
Does a hermit crab need to be int he water for a certain time to be able to survive?
How do sea stars breathe?

Vaucluse House

November 21, 2013 by · 1 Comment · year2S

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like living in Sydney 200 years ago? We have been wondering about this a lot lately during our “The Way We Were” inquiry unit. Today we went with Yr 1 to visit Vaucluse House. We discovered so many things and realised how hard it must have been having no electricity, no water running out of taps, no shops to buy clothes and food from and no toilets that flush!

This animoto shows some of the things we did on our excursion.

K-2 Splash carnival

November 15, 2013 by · No Comments · year2S

K-2 had a fantastic day competing in the K-2 Splash carnival yesterday. This slideshow shows some highlights.

What is data?

November 4, 2013 by · No Comments · Maths

We wondered in maths today what the word data means? Some of our ideas were:

We decided to collect our own data and show our results using a pie chart.

First we had to decide what data we were going to collect. We surveyed 10 people and tallied the results.

Next, we collected our data and recorded it in our books.


Then we made it into a pie chart. It was tricky dividing a circle into 10 equal parts.




What were these artefacts used for?

October 16, 2013 by · No Comments · year2S

Send us a comment if you think you know what these are!



Back to school in the olden days

October 16, 2013 by · No Comments · HSIE

Charlotte brought in a school desk from many years ago. Two lucky girls will get to work at this desk each day. We wonder how it will be different to the desks we use these days.
What was the hole in the middle of the desk for?
Why did the seats fold up? When might the students have had to stand at their desks? Some people in the class thought maybe the seats were folded up at the end of the day so the cleaners could clean. What do you think?



Artefacts that show the way we were

October 15, 2013 by · No Comments · HSIE

For our Topic Talks this week, we have brought in artefacts from a long time ago that show us the way things were. Many of the artefacts are things our grandparents or parents used when they were young.

Can you tell what the artefacts are and what they were used for?

How are they different to things we use these days?









Drawing our portraits

October 11, 2013 by · No Comments · year2S

We have drawn portraits of our classmates and tried to paint them using Matisse’s style.
What do you notice about the way Matisse uses colour? How does he divide the face up using colour? What does he do in the background of his paintings?






Matisse paintings

October 11, 2013 by · 1 Comment · year2S